We are hiring!

The lab frequently recruits new members, including postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, undergraduate assistants, and high school students.  If you are passionate about the same kinds of things as us, please contact any of our members (on the people page) for more information!

Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student, we always accept applications and interview on a rolling basis when positions are available.  If you wish to apply, please see the position listing below:

Undergraduate Research Assistant Position for Credit:

Enrollment:  Usually PSYC 4998, although other course mechanisms might be available

Preferred # of credit hours: 2-4

Preferred # of Terms Commitment: at least 2

Academic Terms available:  Autumn, Spring, and Summer

Research Description: The Cognitive Control Lab at OSU seeks to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms of attentional control, with a particular emphasis on understanding how we dynamically and flexibly implement strategies to avoid processing distracting information. Our principal methods include human behavioral and fMRI techniques.

Student Participation: We are currently seeking highly motivated, intellectually curious, and enthusiastic individuals to help manage daily lab operations and participate as an active junior research colleague. Responsibilities will include assisting with all aspects of research (designing/programming experiments, recruiting/running participants, analyzing data). This position is ideal for an individual who seeks to become a competitive applicant to Ph.D. programs in cognitive neuroscience.

Special Qualifications Needed: The lab seeks to recruit the most talented and motivated students from the OSU community, and we thrive on a lab culture valuing intellectual stimulation, hard work, and fun. Candidates should submit a 1-2 paragraph cover letter describing why they wish to join the lab and what the hope to gain, along with a resume/CV. Required qualifications: Solid record of academic success, strong computer skills (Mac and PC), a desire and willingness to perform computer programming, strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Desirable qualifications: computer programming experience, experience with basic statistics (ANOVA, t-test), some coursework in cognition and/or neuroscience, web development skills.


Contact Email: Please apply by sending the requested information to Prof. Andy Leber, at leber.30@osu.edu